We bring a slice of simply splendid living to your home, wherever that may be.

From china teacups and eccentricity to cool urban design and our particular sense of humour, we celebrate the best, the bizarre and the beautiful in our corner of this small and extraordinary island.


Mandy Tarrant

Mandy Tarrant practised as a lawyer for 10 years before changing career to work as an interior designer and founding Design Unlimited. She has a passion for colour and all things lovely as well as a wicked sense of humour. Apart from being a transformer of homes she is an accomplished cook and a truly inventive crafter.


Joanna Copestick

Joanna Copestick is an author, editor and publisher who has written more than 12 books about interior design and decorating in addition to co-authoring the bestselling book Decorate with Holly Becker.She has also appeared on TV and radio. She loves books in all their forms and also knows a lot about craft beer (random but true).

Illustrations by Grace Morgan